iPad Tips and Tricks - 2017

iPad Tips and Tricks - 2017 How's it going guys this is Apple Fox here back again with another video and we all want to save time, do stuff faster than we normally do. It's not always possible but we can do several very handy tricks with your iPads that will definitely save you some precious time. And here in this video I will be showing some of them. These gestures are all very easy to perform. So without any further hesitation, let's get started. So it works on any iPad, it doesn't matter if you have the latest iPad Pro in the pocket. Well you probably won't fit a tablet in your pocket but but you get my point. All iPads running iOS 10 should be fine for this. But of course the newer models might react faster to the gesture. Now the first one is a way to get to the homescreen from any running application. It basically replaces the actual homebutton. You can also use it in case your homebutton broke down or something, even if assistive touch is dedicated for this but anyways. Inside any app, you need to use all of your 5 fingers and perform this. You just sort of grab the application and it gets you to the homescreen. I don't expect you to use it all the time. When it's more comfortable to click the home button, it doesn't make sense to use a gesture just because you know how to do it. We're talking about saving time not wasting it. It's of course great to have another option up in your sleeve just in case you'll need it. The next one is from Safari interface. It's used to switch between tabs and it's extremely easy. You of course have an option to go to the all tabs view, but who wants to waste so much time? Instead take 2 of your fingers and try to do this. At first pinch them together and then swipe immedeiately after. This makes it to jump over to another open tab. It's really handy once you get used to it. This gesture can be performed on an iPhone as well so you don't need to have an iPad to try this out. But the catch is that you need to be in landscape mode in order for this to work. So rotate your device and do the very same thing, as you can see you easily switch between the tabs just like you did on the iPad. It's probably less comfortable to use it on the smaller screen but's possible too. Now this is something not many people are familiar with and it's again in the safari. Because most of us know that some iPads have built in multitasking feature for certain apps but there is also a multitasking panel for Safari tabs. Just grab the tab you can see at the top of the screen and simply drag it to the left. There is immediately another new tab. We all have to use keyboard to type stuff in. Don't worry I'm not gonna show you a different way to type but a slightly hidden feature instead. I said slightly hidden because some people know about it but there are still people who have no idea that something like this even exists. So if you swipe your fingers away from each other on the keyboard, it splits into two parts. If you do that opposite direction, it comes back to normal. It works in landscape mode too. And the reason it is there is simple. It's a lot more comfortable to use it this way. You don't have stretch your fingers that much to tap the one key you want. Since I discovered this really neat trick, I use it all the time to be honest. The next one has been part of the iPad for a very very long time, from the first iPad I believe and a lot of people still haven't heard of this. Basically take your 4 fingers and simply swipe up. Did you notice what happened? The multitasking panel showed up. It's that easy. By the way in the upcoming iOS 11, it will probably get removed because only a swipe up with one finger will trigger the multitasking panel + control center. Also 4 fingers need to be involved in this one. But now swipe horinzontally instead. You need to be inside any application in order to make it work. And the actual swipe allows you to switch quickly between open applications. It's possible to swipe either direction so it's very easy. Maybe you're not used to it yet but it can come in handy at times, so I'm pretty sure sometimes you'll take use of this. And that is the end guys. The iPad tricks you need to start using right now. Let me know what you think about this down below in the comment section if you want to. Thank you for watching, I got a lot of videos prepared for you so don't hesitate with subscribing to the Apple Fox channel. Have a nice day and see you next time.


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